Saturday, October 2, 2010

Robin Meade Bra Size

Funny story, I just did a google search for the bra size of our beloved Robin Meade, and turns out there are a whole lot of people asking the very same question.

Apparently its a hot topic among her fans. Who knew? And while it seemed like nobody knew the actual answer, plenty of people were willing to guess.

Plenty of guesses were going around, including 36C, 36D and even a 32D, instead however i truly think she is a 34D cup. Call it a hunch!


  1. People stop low balling her beasts...34DD easily.

  2. I found your blog website on google and check just a few of your early posts. Continue to keep up the excellent operate.

  3. Ha ha! I'm coming across this long after it was initially posted, so no one's gonna even see my response, but among so many others, I too wonder what The Robin's cupsize is. It seems to vary and I've come to the sad conclusion that she may actually pad it out every now and again. She looks WAY too small sometimes to be a Double D, that's for sure! I would guess a full C or barely a D at best. With her small frame, I'm guessing a C. Would she really pad it out? Dunno, but it may also depend upon the bra she's wearing which can alter the appearance of a girl's size easily. Some bras come with built-in pads for extra lift. So, that would be my real guess. I'll stick with a C.
    ~Cris Helmare

  4. I don't have a clue what size her b(.)(.)bs are, but why are they so far apart. she is a ding a ling and not very smart but god damn she is good to look at...